Drug Discovery

Surgery and radiation remain the mainstay for treatment of head and neck cancers. Millions of chemicals are available for cancer testing, but most kill tumour and normal cells indiscriminately. Better tools for preclinical screening and structurally-diverse chemical libraries are needed to develop effective drugs for head and neck cancers. Drug discovery will be approached in two ways:


  1. Targeted drug discovery: exploiting the best known prognostic markers for head and neck cancers.
  2. Unbiased drug discovery: screening chemical libraries to identify head and neck cancer selective compounds.
  • Research
    • Screening chemical libraries for IMG_0147_7_resizeanticancer activity.
    • Establishing the mechanisms of drug resistance.
    • Screening of novel compounds for anticancer activity.
    • Understanding perineural invasion.
    • Pre-clinical support for EBC-46.
  • Collaborations
    • QIMR¬†Berghofer Medical Research Institute
  • Key Personnel
    • Prof Peter Parsons
    • Dr Glen Boyle
    • Prof Ben Panizza
    • Ms Natasa Korica.